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The first and biggest phase of our migration work is complete. As you know…we’re continuing to work on some things from the migration. Keep your questions coming! I guarantee you we will do our best to get back to as fast as we can. All support calls will be triaged, based on priority. There are three ways for you to get support:

  1. Website portal:
    This website will be updated regularly: email [at] example [dot] com. The site is available from anywhere, and doesn’t require you to be logged into the network.
  2. Email the Helpdesk: As always, email the helpdesk at email [at] example [dot] com;
  3. Phone Support: In the event you cannot email the Helpdesk, please contact us via telephone at 519-617-2278. Leave a message if no one answers.

Some of you are experiencing an annoying after-effect of a network migration. You think you’ve sent an email to a fellow staff but instead you receive a bounce back email saying your email was undelivered. This has everything to do with a feature called the Auto-Complete list. This list displays suggestions for names and email addresses as you start to type them in the ToCc, and Bcc boxes. These suggestions are possible matches from a list of names and email addresses from the email messages that you have sent:

While it appears to be accurate, this may not always be the case. For example, Deb Selwyn and Kristy Bell were recently migrated to the new network. Chances are the email address which shows in your list points to the old CMHA L-M server, and you will need to take the following steps to ensure the email address in your Auto-Complete is accurate.

  1. Select the unwanted name or email address by using the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW key.
  2. Click  or press DELETE.
  3. Click on the To, Cc or Bcc buttons, and find the staff member in our company address book.

NOTE: To remove ALL names from your Auto-Complete list, do the following:

  • Click theFile
  • Click Options.
  • Click Mail.
  • Under Send messages, click Empty Auto-Complete List.

The instructions for changing your password are listed below. Here are the password requirements:

  • How many characters are required in my password: 10
  • What characters are required in my password:
    Your password must contain three of the following four categories:
    – At least one uppercase letter (A through Z)
    – At least one lowercase letter (a through z)
    – At least one number (0 through 9)
    – At least one non-alphabetic symbol (for example, !, $, #, %)
  • Examples: OurITTeamis#1, Ilovemyg@ndcaravan
    Your passwords can contain spaces, which could make it easier for you to remember. For example, The montreal canadiens suck! can be used as a password. It meets three of the four      requirements, is 28 characters long, and very easy to remember!

Email on your phones: Email on your work-provided and personal phones will need to be reconfigured following the migration. Instructions for setting up your email on iPhone are available below. Please follow the instructions carefully, as you will need to remove your old email account before setting up the new one.

Staff with personal phones: It¢™s difficult for us to provide specific email setup instructions for non-iPhone devices. Instructions vary, depending on your model (Samsung, HTC, Windows Phone, Blackberry). We are available to assist with email setup on your phone. Email the helpdesk to make arrangements.


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