Board Updates

June 2017 meeting

  • New Hanover Leisure links site now open & is wheel chair accessible
  • Tania Grimmer will replace Marie Lerant, manager of Court Support and Urgent Response / Crisis in Oct due to Marie’s retirement.
  • MHGC senior manager’s meetings will now include Julie Moore, integration coordinator and Dan Purdon of G&B House.
  • CMHA 100th Anniversary is in 2018

Treasurer’s Report

  • Discussed increased insurance premiums due to cyber insurance.
  • Discussed gains to be realized in salaries due to education leaves.

Quality Control

  • Work continues on accreditation requirements in governance & operations.

Transition Council Update

  • Staff communique was sent out to highlight the June 20th
  • Due diligence of each organization to be completed by Aug 16, 2017
  • Julie Moore has begun work plan and communication strategy. The work plan will form the framework for the nitration process, necessary steps, identify milestones & time frames for each task / activity.

Other Business

  • D. will undergo performance and remunerations review.
  • Board now stands at only 5 members thus board recruitment will be a priority over the summer to hopefully have eight sitting members.
  • John Tamming resigned from the Board May 25, 2017. Thanks to John for his time on the Board.

March 27 2017

Executive Director Highlights include:

  • Kitchen renovation in Owen Sound is underway
  • Staff integration message sent out to all four agencies simultaneously on March 20th at 10am. Media release same day
  • Proposed budget for Transition Stage was submitted to the LHIN for approval at their April 18th meeting

Treasurer’s Report

  • March YTD is on budget
  • Mens’ Program grant was received from Bruce Power
  • Approved fundraising dollars to be put towards commercial kitchen in Owen Sound

Quality Control/Management

  • Accreditation started today and runs through until Wednesday March 29th. All is prepared


  • Next meeting of the Senior Staff and board chairs of the four organizations meets April 18th with consultant Jim Whaley. Purpose is to finalize Transition Agreement and decide on process for hiring Transition Coordinator
  • Three CMHA board members to be determined to stand on Transition Board
  • Terms of reference to be determined by Transition Board

Other Business

  • Our MSAA was extended for 1 year by the SWLHIN

Next meeting : April 24 2017 5:00 pm


February 27th 2017

Executive Reports highlights include;

  • All vacant positions are now filled. Welcome to Charlene Winger starting in Markdale on April 1st
  • Hanover Loft site will relocate to the former Hanover Travel sit. A complete renovation is underway and a move-in date of May 1st has been set
  • General staff meeting will be held March 3rd. With Health Unit providing Naloxone training
  • Social Enterprise kitchen at Owen Sound site in planning stages. Quotes are within 20-25 thousand dollar range.  Most will come from Type 3 funding.
  • Ride Don’t Hide set for June 25th

Treasurer’s Report

  • The benefits cost for membership in HOOPP will balance with salaries line
  • End of March projection for a balanced budget with a small surplus. My Dad’s Group projected to be under budget and PAR program will balance at the end of fiscal


  • Ride Don’t Hide set for June 25th 2017 in Owen Sound

Client Story

Claude presented a case of a client with complex needs and the difficulties in finding high support mental health housing in the community


June 20, 2016


  • Ride Don’t Hide # of participants down slightly this year over last year
  • Break the Silence funding of $23,000 was received prior to the May Awareness Campaign
  • CMHA Staff participating in Health Links through executive and care plans.
  • Board & Staff toured the London Crisis Centre for evidence based statistics to support a proposal for Grey Bruce.
  • Accreditation dates set for March 27 – 29, 2017 with Accreditation Canada Surveyors.
  • Next meeting Sept 26, 2017


September 26, 2016


  • Review of incident reports and risk management plans
  • Dr. Marriott, our consulting psychiatrist on the Shoreline announced his retirement for Oct 31, 2017
  • Application made to Trillium for $150,000 to renovate new kitchen / café space for social enterprise.
  • Policy drafted for education leaves to provide clarification. Decision made on employee request.
  • Declared to the board our up to date insurance program
  • Financials approved for June 2017
  • Integrated partner board meeting held Sept 22 2017 attended by CMHA board representatives, 3 other agencies and Jim Whaley, consultant. Steve Lustig presented report
  • Fundraising report presented including MHAW, Walk Into Light and Aviva community fund grant application
  • Policy revisions passed for HR policies on STD
  • Board recruitment was discussed.


October 24, 2016


  • The Partnership change to an alliance model was approved by the board but we need a signed copy by all boards.
  • Hope Grey Bruce has joined OPSEU
  • Discussion regarding the future of CCACs and set up of sub-regions.

President’s Report Highlights

  • MIAW held first week in October. Board Chair participated
  • Promoted Food Forest Aviva Grant voting
  • Registered for upcoming SWLIHN governance session Nov 30th
  • Board Chair to meet with Executive Director one week prior to board meeting to set agenda

Treasurer’s Report

  • Deficit for year at $88,000
  • Employment Grant / Consultant fees still to come
  • Savings in 2 positions moving to .8 FTE
  • C.M. retirement will be left vacant for 3 months
  • Short falls due to HOOPP and 0% base funding increase
  • Par close to budget
  • Dad’s group funding expense sent to Bruce Grey Child and Family Services
  • Fundraising showing surplus of $32,000

Social Enterprise Presentation

  • Teresa Pearson presented the success of the Garden / Kitchen / Brunch Programs including employing 31 consumers.
  • They program is being helped with the Canadian Social Enterprise guide as a reference for best practises.

Public Education

  • Walk into Light held recently in Hanover

Quality Control / Management

  • A general staff meeting was held in October to explain Quality Improvement Plans that will be facilitated by the managers of teams.

Other issues discussed included:

  • Mental health in the local media
  • Client story
  • Health link update
  • Board work plan (recruitment / succession planning)
  • Accreditation
  • 2 hr time limits for Board meetings
  • Next meeting Nov 28th 5pm


November 28, 2016

  • Executive Director’s Report included an approval letter of support to Markdale CHC
  • President’s Report – Summary of November 1st governance facilitated meeting.
  • Treasure’s Report predicted a balanced year end projection with staffing adjustments made in the last quarter
  • Financial statements from October 2016 approved.
  • Quality Control discussed
  • Mental health in media – Aviva fund winner to be announced shortly
  • Accreditation update – operational policies will continueto be approved by both board and Executive Director.
  • Board recruitment discussed adopting a skills – based approach.
  • It was approved in principal to move forward with planning for new crisis beds in partnership with GBHS
  • Executive Director’s vacation request approved.


January 30, 2017

Executive Report highlights include;

  • Review of incident reports and Risk management
  • Meeting of the ethics committee with Board Rep
  • HR issues discussed

President’s Report

  • Included report on program of the board collaboration meetings

Treasurer’s Report

  • Budget on track for year end
  • Type 3 funding showing $20,000 surplus
  • November financials approved
  • Mental health in local media saw good press in the SunTimes with both the Aviva Food Forest grant and the Bell Let’s Talk campaign. Facebook received more than 1000 new likes as a result.

Other Business

  • Accreditation – Board focus group March 28 at 4:15pm Board recruitment. One new member identified
  • Jim Whaley gave a presentation on integration.
  • Next meeting Feb 27th at 5pm.